2. Kids only... 12 years and under, will be eligible to win a monthly prize. You can only win the contest once. To submit a photo or video to compete for a monthly prize, the child's parent (or guardian) should help them create an e-mail for their Entry Form. By including the parent or guardian's name, it will verify the child's age and birthday. (We need this information to verify the child's age and eligibility and, if he/she wins, a mailing address to ship the prize to. The e-mail address you use to enter will be how we will communicate back to you in the event your photo or video is the winner.)

All personal information will be kept strictly private and protected!

Only one prize will be awarded for each month's contest.
Contests will only be held in those months when there is a minimum of ten entries. If less than ten (10) entries come in, those entries submitted will be held until a month when enough have been submitted to hold a contest.
3. The photo or video must feature the kid prominently. Adults may appear in the photo or video, but the kid must be the 'star'. (Please see the videos at the end of the 'Bluegill" and "Crappie" fish ID videos. We hope to received many entries that are as entertaining like these two videos and the photo below, are! Make your photo/video story telling.)
1. Photos or videos may be entered. Photos must be digital and preferably in jpg format and of good quality; the better the quality, the better your chances!
Video format should be in AVI, FLV, WMV or MP4.
4. All photo or video entries should be e-mailed to:
5. Each photo or video received will be entered in the
competition for the month during which it is received.
However, your photo or video may have been taken at any time. If you have a great picture already, send it in....so long as you were 12 or younger in the photo or video.

Don't forget to tell me in your entry e-mail which of the prizes (#1, #2 or #3) you would like.... should yours turn out to be the winning photo or video for the month.
6. By e-mailing in an entry, the sender (child and parent or guardian) agrees that his or her photo or video may be used by Mel Hardman as he sees fit, without any further permission or clearance, or compensation being due or to be paid to the sender. All photos and videos submitted to the contest effectively become the property of Mel Hardman, i.e., Hardman has the [non-exclusive] right to use them as he desires.
7. By e-mailing in an entry, Sender (both child and parent or guardian) acknowledges that he or she has read all of the above provisions and agrees hereto, and that all information in their entry is true and correct.
Great photos like this will make the contest very entertaining for everyone!
Be sure to put in your e-mail your name, your age, your birthday, your parent or guardian's name and your home (parent's) mailing address --no PO Box #. (If you win, I need your mailing address to send your prize to you. Your street address will NOT be published.)

Tell us where your photo or video was taken, when it was taken and the name of anyone else appearing in your photo or video and their relationship to you.. whether they are a family member or friend.

Also... tell us your story (how you caught your fish).
I will edit your email before putting it on the winner's page with your picture so that only your name, age, home town and your 'story' will be seen.