Thank You's
In some of the videos (the fish ID videos), I have downloaded pictures of kids with their fish, pictures they had already posted on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet to be seen by the public. Likewise, with short videos that have been posted on YouTube for public viewing under the standard Creative Commons Attribution License [CC BY License]. Other photos and art drawings I've used with permission ..wherever I was able to contact their owner via e-mail. Many of the photos are from government agencies and therefore for public use.

In all cases, I thank each and every contributor for the nice addition their photos, artwork & video clips make to this web site presentation. Since the website and all of its content is FREE to KIDS everywhere, we assume that all whose photo, artwork or video clip has found its way into the content of the web site will share in our pride and pleasure of helping KIDS get 'hooked' on fishing...hopefully helping them avoid getting hooked on other devastating temptations they face in today's world!

We THANK YOU for being a part of '
Teaching KIDS How To FISH'.

With but few exceptions, I have been able to contact those whose photos, videos and arwork I've selected to show in some of the videos for permission, even though most grant such permission by virtue of their posting on YouTube.

But, .....if by chance someone does object to use of their photo, art drawing or video clip, please let me know and I will immediately remove that person's photo, drawing or video clip and replace it with some other. You may contact me immediately by e-mail or phone:
(801) 441-2293 (U.S. Mountain Time Zone)

Please identify your photo, drawing or clip by time count (from the beginning of the video). The video's control bar will show you the precise time at any point in the video.

By this public notification, I hereby accept full and sole responsibility for the use and inclusion of all photos, video clips and drawings (or any intellectual property) here in; and do hold harmless and free of any copyright infringement liability, Gean Snow and any and all sponsors of this web site.

As an expression of 'Thanks', I have listed [credited] below the names and web site addresses of the anglers, lodges/resorts, agencies, photographers & artists whom I feel my viewers might have an interest in visiting.

James M. (Mel) Hardman (stock photos used herein) (stock photos used herein)
Field 'n Stream
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Utah State Dept Wildlife Resources
Stream Speed Technologies
Todd Petersen
Brad Hansen
Eric Engbretson
Trout Unlimited
Joseph Tomelleri
Tom Turnbull
Jim Williams
Rodney Hsu
North Carolina Outdoors
South Jersey Shore
National Geographic
Bryant Bunnell
Deseret News
Outdoor Alabama
Mariah Bittinger
Alan Klotz
Tim Knepp
Pond Boss Magazine
Chad Thomas
Arkansas Fish & Game Dept
YouTube (great entertaining videos - anything imaginable!
Wikipedia (great source of info - about anything!